About Meerhof Lodge

Meerhof was named by Johan Schoeman in 1930. It was one of the three housing estates around the Hartbeespoort. The others being Cosmos & Schoemanville

Johan's father General Hendrik Schoeman farmed in the Moot and built the first dam in the valley in 1897. This was an earthen dam called Sophia and was built in Meerhof where the Crocodile river enters the Hartbeespoort. At the time is was reported to be the largest dam in South Africa and possibly in the southern hemisphere. It stood 30 meters high and pushed back water for 3 km. A flood in 1909 washed away the wall.

The Schoeman were big farmers in the Moot and used the Sophia dam to irrigate over 3000 hectares. Johan Schoeman pushed for the current Hartbeespoort which was completed in 1923. Johan had the rights around the dam and water rights. Visitors used bosts to cross from Meerhof to Schoemanville where he built the first hotel.

The railway line from Pretoria reached Meerhof in 1927. This enabled many to visit by train and then boat across the water. A iron bridge across the Crocodile River was completed in 1929 which allowed the railway to reach Magaliesberg

Johan Schoeman built a house in Meerhof, called the round house which had very good views over the water

The Rose Cottage and the Private suite were built in 1940's and used as fishing cottages

The Crocodile entrance to the water is 400meters passed the Meerhof school. It has very good views of the old bridge and popular boating and fishing, It is called the Meerhof Oewer and a popular camping and fishing area. Payment needed to visit.

In front of the Lodge is a Bird Sanctuary with ostridge's and antelope. Dr Kolbe lane is the 50 year flood line but the water has never reached.

In front of the Lodge is a Bird Sanctuary which has ostridge's and antelope. Dr Kolbe is the 50 year flood line but the water has never reached.

“Relaxing and peaceful. Hospitality is great!”
- P. Nortje

“Thanks for the awesome Hospitality. It is a really beautiful place with breath taking views.”
- Nami Shan

Thank you for the warm welcome and the staff hospitality, our stay exceeded all expectations. The warm, spacious and comfortable rooms was a pleasure indeed. I assure you that we will be back soon!!!”
- Jay Thulasee

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- Albert & Corne